Ever wanted to make your own customized flyers or posters but either didn't know where to begin, found yourself overwhelmed by those do-it-yourself online templates, or perhaps felt too restricted by the options they offered you?

I've got you covered.


Reasonable design rates, completely customizable and variety of options regarding publishable formats.  I can even take care of all the printing entirely for you!

Past pagination and layout projects include:

- Print & digital outdoor billboards

- Newspaper advertisements design

- T-shirts

- Raffle tickets

- Pool hall & bar flyers

- Door hangers

- Stadium & venue ribbon boards

- Direct-mail postcards

- Backstage passes

- Custom posters

- Wedding mementos

- Memorial collages



- Modifying existing artwork
- Newspaper page layout

- Plaque design

- Convention banners

- Framed portraits

- DVD covers

- CD covers

- Custom calendars

- Custom business cards

- Car door magnets

- Various labels & stickers

- And more!

A logo is the face of your operation.  Whether it's on a
t-shirt or your product's packaging, the difference between a clever design and a not-so-clever one can have affect your business's success greatly.


A logo needs to be more than just a symbolic representation of your organization; it has to be memorable.

Past clients include:

Pixel Blast Arcade
Global Protection Intelligence Agency
Division of Nuclear Material Safety

BustMyCheater Investigation Services

Get Clocked for Charity
Cord Vanderpool Foundation

Shamrock Window Washing, Inc.

Triex Financial Services, Inc.

Woodsmen Chicago Sunset 7's League

Vantage International Photography

Vantage Intermediaries
Vantage Innovative Design

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